On the internet you will find many so called 'locksmiths' claiming to be locally based in Holloway, they are not! The thing to look for is a non geographic telephone number such as 0800 or 0844 etc.

Some even have telephone numbers that start '0203' or '0208' don't be fooled, they are out-of-London numbers, Holloway is '020 7'

In fact, the local exchange historically was always '020 7607' our number is 020 7607 7500 which we have had here in Holloway for 35 years!

We are local, based from our workshop in Rydston Close - right in the heart of bustling N7.
Whatever your needs, our experienced Locksmiths will come to you, and all vans carry an extensive range of locks and tools to suit all your possible requirements.

We have been providing a Locksmith service in Holloway since 1982 but sadly we do not have a shop that you can call in to.

It is important to note that we are professional Holloway Locksmiths, this means we understand locks and all the little nuances of doors and windows in the typical local homes and business of Holloway.

Our N7 Locksmiths have been fully trained and are equipped with start of the art tools to help you whether you need a new lock fitted or a new set of keys. We are renowned as being one of the best Locksmiths in Holloway. Our N7 Locksmiths know the area well and have been trained to get to your property with minimum waiting times.

Holloway Locksmith supply and install all makes and models of door locks. The locks that we use are cherry picked from fine institutions such as Chubb Locks, Yale Locks, Union Locks, Ingersoll Locks, ASSA Locks, RUKO Locks, Banham Locks, Gerda Locks, Kibb Locks, Skillet Locks, Cobra Locks, Armageddon Locks, Portis Locks, SprayDec Locks, Seabird Locks, Velleman Locks, Mottura Locks, Sercas Locks, Galla Locks and many more.

If you need a Locksmith or advice on a security matter, contact us directly.

Why not give us a call today.

Holloway Locksmiths (not a retail shop)
Rydston Close
N7 9DL

020 7607 7500   


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